Throttle and Choke cable splitters

I mounted the cable splitters for both the throttle and choke cables.  Will have to see how this works out once I have composite parts back from repair.

2023 Update – The placement of these splitters has been fine, no issues with placement.  I did have a problem with a cable end coming off, replaced with a Jagwire slick brake cable, with the end ground down to fit the splitter barrel.


With the engine wiring completed I mounted the panel temporarily so that I could test all of the connections.  I used  a DB15HD breakout adapter so that I could pin out all of the connection to the instruments that originate at the engine.

I haven’t done the mast or some of the other wiring yet while I wait for the repair of the damaged seat and cabin.

Engine Wiring

I started running the engine wiring using a variety of different size braided sleeving.


Exhaust and propeller

I set the pitch on the prop and installed it.  Had to cut a small board at an 11 degree angle and use it to set the pitch.  This prop did not come with a pitch setting guide like some I’ve seen.

Then I installed the exhaust system.  I had some trouble lining up one of the exhaust tubes but finally got everything lined up flange bolts torqued and the springs installed.  Now I need to safety wire the springs.  I’m waiting on some smaller braided sleeving so that I can finish the engine and rotor rpm wiring.

Coolant hoses go on

Today I installed the hoses for the radiators for engine oil and coolant.  Pretty straighforward except for the hose from the engine oil line back to the sump.  The rotax engine uses a banjo type fitting and getting the hose and clamp on and tight was a bit of a pain.  I also had to lift the engine up to get the oil tank bracket mounting bolts in, bracket should go on before engine.

Engine goes on

I installed the engine using my tractor.  I have to tilt the rotor head to get the airframe out of the garage! Once I had the frame back in the garage and started installing engine mounts and bolts realized that the bolts I have are to long. 

Even adding all of the large washers I had in the kit I could not get the mounts the way I likes so ordered 4 AN6-24A bolts.  They should be here this weekend. In the meantime I continue working with other parts of the kit.