Trailer modifications for new wheels/tires

After replacing the wheels and tires I realized that my Genesis would no longer properly fit on the trailer.  I had to enlarge the wheel chocks, turn the loading ramps upside down and move them further outboard, and paint new guide stripes.

New Wheels/Brakes

I’ve had a problem with the brake pads wearing out in a very short time ever since I finished building my Genesis.  I thought I had a solution using larger Mountain Bike Brakes so Nicolas made me new axles.  My solution was not much better so I asked Denis (Gyro Technic) if he could modify my axle tubes so that I could use his wheels and brakes.  That did it!


Panel Wiring

Panel wiring completed with the exception of the ground bus.  After flying for awhile I realized that the GPS should be moved off the panel and the Engine Monitoring System display should be moved up.

Old and New panels shown.

Throttle and Choke cable splitters

I mounted the cable splitters for both the throttle and choke cables.  Will have to see how this works out once I have composite parts back from repair.

2023 Update – The placement of these splitters has been fine, no issues with placement.  I did have a problem with a cable end coming off, replaced with a Jagwire slick brake cable, with the end ground down to fit the splitter barrel.


With the engine wiring completed I mounted the panel temporarily so that I could test all of the connections.  I used  a DB15HD breakout adapter so that I could pin out all of the connection to the instruments that originate at the engine.

I haven’t done the mast or some of the other wiring yet while I wait for the repair of the damaged seat and cabin.

Engine Wiring

I started running the engine wiring using a variety of different size braided sleeving.


Wiring the voltage regulator

I started wiring the voltage regulator today.  I had to shorten the shield and install new crimp leads on the two wires coming from the generator.


Lookin like a Gyro now!

My kit is looking more like a Gyroplane everyday.  Will really be excited when I can get the cabin and seat back from repair.


Panel wiring

I’ve nearly completed the wiring of the instrument panel.  Plan to do a 100% pin by pin ring test of all connections.  Ordered several yellow #6 hole crimp lugs that I will use to tie the panel ground to a common point.  The ground for the engine monitoring display will be tied back to engine ground.  Wiring included connecting all of the wires to the panel side and engine side connectors and pulling in the main wiring harness.


Parts go on

I got the landing gear installed, drag links adjusted and disc brakes in place.  Had to cut one of the hydraulic brake mounting bolts as it was to long and was barely hitting the brake rotor on one side.