Aviomania is an aircraft manufacturer based in Larnaca, Cyprus, founded by Nicolas Karaolides. The company specializes in the design and manufacture of autogyros in the form of kits for amateur construction and ready-to-fly aircraft.

I originally contacted Nicolas early in 2020 and we have since been in frequent contact regarding the purchase.  Nicolas informed me that there would be a price increase in 2021; I was given the option of placing a deposit on a kit with an estimated fabrication date of April 2021 so I went ahead with the deposit.  Due to an unfavorable change in the USD/Euro exchange rate, I then went ahead and paid the remaining balance due. 

I received an email from Aviomania on 24 March 2021 indicating that fabrication of my kit would start the following week!

An example of the quick-build kit materials is shown, below.

Body parts after painting and striping.  Frame will be painted black.

Crated and ready to ship.  Will pick up rotors later from Gyro Technic.

I completed my build and got my Airworthiness Certificate  on 17 Dec 2021.


5 Jan 2022 running around the airport getting used to ground handling.