Trailer Modifications

After adding new axles, wheels and brakes I realized that the Gyro would not properly fit on the new trailer.  I ended up increasing the size of the wheel chock pads, turned the ramps upside down and moved outboard, and repainted the track stripes.


It Fits

It is a very good thing that the tires were not any larger or I would have needed a new trailer!  About one inch to spare between the tires and trailer side frames!  The original track stripes show where the Gyro with original tires would ride.



Once I finish building my gyroplane I am going to need a trailer – to move it by road – as I begin transition training from a two-seat machine to the single-seat Genesis.  My initial training on it will involve a lot of ground work, getting the feel for the new gyro.  This ground training will take place in Kingsland, TX under the supervision of a friend, Eric.  Once this is complete, I will have to move the gyro again for formal flight instruction with my CFI.  

I have included three aluminum ramps for the gyro’s wheels, but I have not attached them yet as I may not need a ramp for the nose wheel.  As it turned out I did not need the center track so I deleted it.

I have added an A-frame, with block and tackle, so that I can easily remove and attach the rotor blades.  Rotor blades have to be removed for transport and, with the rotor head at a height of about 8.5 feet, some sort of lifting device is needed.

I am currently using two 40-lb bags of salt to simulate the weight of the blades, which have not yet arrived.

I added a small 12volt winch, with a wireless remote controller, that I can use to help when I have to move the Gyro up/down the ramp.