Flight Training

I started ground-school training with the Gleim Sport Pilot online course and supplemented that with Tim O’Connors Gyroplane Online Ground School.  I also subscribed to the Gyropedia online course as it provides a great deal of specific flying related information.  After passing my FAA exam, I started flight training with Ben Cadenbach, a great CFI based out of Beeville, Texas (KBEA), in his two-place Tango gyro.  I have been training with Ben for awhile now and will continue training with him after I complete my machine.  

So far, my training has consisted of preflight checks; basic straight and level flight, using the cyclic, rudder pedals and throttle; cross county flight, lots of takeoffs and landings; flying in the pattern around the airfield; radio communications; flying S patterns and circles around a point.