Trailer modifications for new wheels/tires

After replacing the wheels and tires I realized that my Genesis would no longer properly fit on the trailer.  I had to enlarge the wheel chocks, turn the loading ramps upside down and move them further outboard, and paint new guide stripes.

New Wheels/Brakes

I’ve had a problem with the brake pads wearing out in a very short time ever since I finished building my Genesis.  I thought I had a solution using larger Mountain Bike Brakes so Nicolas made me new axles.  My solution was not much better so I asked Denis (Gyro Technic) if he could modify my axle tubes so that I could use his wheels and brakes.  That did it!


Parts go on

I got the landing gear installed, drag links adjusted and disc brakes in place.  Had to cut one of the hydraulic brake mounting bolts as it was to long and was barely hitting the brake rotor on one side.