Trailer modifications for new wheels/tires

After replacing the wheels and tires I realized that my Genesis would no longer properly fit on the trailer.  I had to enlarge the wheel chocks, turn the loading ramps upside down and move them further outboard, and paint new guide stripes.

New Wheels/Brakes

I’ve had a problem with the brake pads wearing out in a very short time ever since I finished building my Genesis.  I thought I had a solution using larger Mountain Bike Brakes so Nicolas made me new axles.  My solution was not much better so I asked Denis (Gyro Technic) if he could modify my axle tubes so that I could use his wheels and brakes.  That did it!


Panel Wiring

Panel wiring completed with the exception of the ground bus.  After flying for awhile I realized that the GPS should be moved off the panel and the Engine Monitoring System display should be moved up.

Old and New panels shown.

Throttle and Choke cable splitters

I mounted the cable splitters for both the throttle and choke cables.  Will have to see how this works out once I have composite parts back from repair.

2023 Update – The placement of these splitters has been fine, no issues with placement.  I did have a problem with a cable end coming off, replaced with a Jagwire slick brake cable, with the end ground down to fit the splitter barrel.


With the engine wiring completed I mounted the panel temporarily so that I could test all of the connections.  I used  a DB15HD breakout adapter so that I could pin out all of the connection to the instruments that originate at the engine.

I haven’t done the mast or some of the other wiring yet while I wait for the repair of the damaged seat and cabin.