Panel Wiring

Panel wiring completed with the exception of the ground bus.

Throttle and Choke cable splitters

I mounted the cable splitters for both the trhottle and chock cables.  Will have to see how this works out once I have composite parts back from repair.


WIth the engine wiring completed I mounted the panel temporarily so that I could test all of the connections.  I used  a DB15HD breakout adapter so that I could pin out all of the connection to the instruments that originate at the engine.


I haven’t done the mast or some of the other wiring yet while I wait for the repair of the damaged seat and cabin.

Engine Wiring

I started running the engine wiring using a variety of different size braided sleeving.

Wiring the voltage regulator

I started wiring the voltage regulaor today.  I had to shorten the shield and install new crimp leads on the two wires coming from the generator.